Advancements for Millimeter Wave Antenna Design

XFdtd includes a range of features to assist engineers in designing antennas for millimeter wave applications. This webinar demonstrates XF’s singularity correction which accurately captures highly varying fields at the edges of good conductors and the process for importing components and document layers of a PCB. We also demonstrate XF’s multi-port feature for representing RF tuners and switches in the Circuit Element Optimizer (CEO) along with other minor updates.

Watch the webinar to learn how XF’s new features can be instrumental in antenna design, MRI design, power density analysis, and ESD analysis.


Key Take-Aways:

  • Use singularity correction for antennas and transmission lines
  • Import components and document layers for PCB files
  • Utilize multi-port CEO to represent RF tuners and switches
  • Learn how to replace materials for geometries
  • Perform sampling of dielectric breakdown results for ESD analysis
  • Explore the power density averaging codebook workflow
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