ESD Testing and Damage Prediction Using XFdtd

XFdtd® Electromagnetic Simulation Software simulates electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing, enabling engineers to identify potential locations of dielectric breakdown and components at risk of damage in their device designs. This webinar introduces XF’s collection of ESD simulation features and demonstrates how to minimize the chance of undetected damage prior to hardware testing.


Electrostatic discharge testing is utilized worldwide by electronics manufacturers to determine the ESD susceptibility of their devices. It is extremely difficult to estimate the exact cost of ESD loss annually, but it can safely be stated that ESD requires the development and testing of many hardware prototypes and contributes to a high number of warranty claims and loss of consumer confidence if failure occurs in the hands of the customer.

Given the high cost in time and materials associated with ESD hardware testing, the ability to simulate the ESD testing process in XFdtd is extremely valuable, allowing engineers to pinpoint locations susceptible to ESD damage and optimize ESD mitigation during the concept and design stage of product development.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to import ESD waveforms defined by various testing standards and use them to create ESD current sources in your XF project.
  • Enter a material’s dielectric strength and monitor for potential dielectric breakdown during transient simulations using a dielectric breakdown near field sensor.
  • Locate cells with the highest dielectric breakdown ratio.
  • Report on electronic components that are taxed beyond their rated voltage and current input parameters and avoid permanent damage due to unsafe limits.
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