WaveFarer Features

WaveFarer’s features enable fast and accurate analysis of scenarios with radars in close proximity to structures, targets, and other features in a simulated environment. Key features include the following:

Near-field propagation method
Calculate scattering off target surfaces, including multi-path interactions with ground reflections, using ray-tracing algorithms and physics-based calculations.

Targeted ray casting
Efficiently produce high fidelity returns by fully-illuminating targets.

Diffuse Scattering
Calculate contribution of scattering from rough surfaces to radar clutter.

Dynamic scenario
Apply movement to radar sensors, target vehicles, and other scatterers in your drive test simulations.

User defined antennas
Import measured or simulated radiation patterns.

Scripts for chirp waveforms and range-Doppler
Use WaveFarer scripts and utilities to simulate chirp waveforms, and post-process results to provide range-Doppler and other outputs.

Shared platform with XFdtd
Integrated solution promotes productivity.

Learn more about WaveFarer's features on Remcom's website...


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