IMS 2020 MicroApps: 60 GHz Phased Array Design Using XFdtd for WiGig

In the last decade, there has been a significant increase in wireless data requirements, resulting in a demand for high bandwidth, multi-Gbps, and short-range wireless applications. Efforts by consortiums, such as Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig) and IEEE 802.11ad, to establish a 60 GHz wireless ecosystem would increase consumer product development for this market exponentially. To achieve such high throughput systems, high-gain phased array antennas would be desirable for achieving higher spatial coverage. 

In this presentation, we discuss analyzing and optimizing an aperture coupled 1x4 patch antenna array with a compact, fan-shaped feeding network for operation in 60 GHz band using Remcom’s full-wave electromagnetic simulation product, XFdtd. We also demonstrate superposition and antenna array optimization. The superposition simulation provides a means for checking the performance of individual elements in an array, each with a different input power and phase. The array optimization feature allows users to estimate the excitation for each element in the array for a specified EIRP. Further, the total spatial coverage of designed phased arrays will be accurately estimated. 

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