Massive MIMO Beamforming in Motion

Remcom performed a study using Wireless InSite's MIMO capability to generate the complex channel matrix, or H-matrix, for each of several mobile devices in an urban scene.  We then applied Maximum Ratio Transmission (MRT) and Zero Forcing (ZF) beamforming algorithms to the H-matrices to visualize beamforming in motion.  These animations show the beam formed from a massive MIMO base station (green dot) to a mobile device moving along a route (large red dot), in the presence of 15 other stationary devices (red circles).  MRT maximizes the beam to the intended device, while ZF beamforming attempts to also minimize the interference to the other devices.

Maximum Ratio Transmission Beamforming using Wireless InSite

Zero Forcing Beamforming using Wireless InSite

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