Beamforming Simulations to Evaluate Opportunities and Challenges for 5G mmWave and FD-MIMO

Millimeter wave bands create new opportunities for 5G, but they also introduce challenges for planning and performance.  Technologies like FD-MIMO help to overcome some of these challenges but present additional complexities to the ways that base stations and user equipment (UE) communicate, increasing the importance of effective simulation tools that clarify how the environment and these advanced technologies interact.

Potential FD-MIMO Beamforming Improvement to Throughput

Webinar Description:

In this webinar, we use Wireless InSite MIMO with new beamforming capabilities to generate FD-MIMO beams and estimate data throughput between base stations and UEs in an urban environment.  After predicting the ideal throughput for a single user as a best case, we evaluate throughput for multi-user MIMO employing beamforming to transmit simultaneously to multiple users across three small cells in a downtown urban scene.  We then give a brief review of some of the real-world challenges that beamforming systems face in their attempts to gather accurate channel state information that is critical to their success.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Challenges and opportunities for FD-MIMO and millimeter waves
  • Using Wireless InSite MIMO to simulate FD-MIMO systems
  • Calculating throughput for MU-MIMO systems (future capability)
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